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8 Design Tips For Breathing New Life Into Your Basement

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Refinishing your basement can add livable square footage to your home, make it more attractive to buyers and provide a perfect place for entertaining guests.

Here are some design tips to help get your project going:

Utilize Natural Light

Basements are typically dark and gloomy places, but there are easy ways to brighten it up!

You can paint the walls with pale colors and add mirrors to encourage light reflection for a more open and airy feel. Incorporating exterior sliding doors or glass windows also allow for more natural light. And make sure you clear out obstacles that may be blocking light. Place furniture against walls, not in the middle of the room.

Basement Remodeling Tips | Basement Family Room Design Ideas | Design Ideas for Family Room in Basement | Basement Kitchen Design Ideas | Basement Finishing Buffalo NYIntroduce Light Fixtures

If you aren’t able to bring in natural light, consider adding artificial ambient, accent or task lighting. Install bright pendants, track lighting, chandeliers, or even neon signs.

Jazz Up the Windows

Even with small emergency windows, you can add in some personality! Consider building deep sills, add a dark wood trim, and replacing old latch closures with gold or matte finishes. You can also dig down to create larger windows that allow more natural light in.

Experiment with Flooring

You can create a cozy basement space with wall-to-wall carpeting, a contemporary look with ceramic tiles or combine multiple floor types to make a statement while creating designated zones. If your basement is extremely dark, choose lighter-colored flooring that will reflect light well to make the space seem bigger and brighter.

Basement Remodeling Tips | Basement Family Room Design Ideas | Design Ideas for Family Room in Basement | Basement Finishing Buffalo NYDivide the Space

If your basement needs to serve different purposes (storage, entertainment etc.), you can add separation to spaces with arches and bookcases. Arches can be installed between existing doorways or to support columns, while bookcases allow you to create the feeling of extra rooms without the expense of building new walls.

Try Different Wall Textures

Walls are the perfect opportunity to flex your creativity! Charcoal stones, brick or tile are great options if you want to experiment with texture. You can also try textured wall painting techniques such as sponging, rag painting, or lime wash walls to add some flare. However, if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a drastic wall change, you can pair a neutral wall color with colorful crown molding.

Basement Remodeling Tips | Stair to Basement Design Ideas | Basement Stair Covering Ideas | Basement Stair Lighting Ideas | Basement Finishing Buffalo NYCustomize Your Staircase

Your stairs set the tone for your basement. Make a good impression with a floating staircase, light-up stairs or glass side panels. There’s also patterned carpet, decorative tiles or a unique stair railing.You can even utilize the space under your basement stairs for storage or a cozy reading nook.

Incorporate Storage

And last but not least, make sure your basement has ample storage space. Try recessed shelves, floating shelves or extra closet space. If built-in storage isn’t an option, create a designated area for organized storage bins, or use wall hooks for hanging larger items.

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