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His and Hers Bathroom Design Tips

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Are you sick of sharing sink space with your significant other in the bathroom? Even large bathrooms can feel cramped without a few strategic additions and decorative tricks.

Whether it’s building designated vanities or opting for glass doors, there are big and small ways to design a his and her bathroom to provide some much needed breathing room to the space.

Build Separate Vanities

A split vanity setup can offer additional counter space, storage and electrical outlets. This will help you avoid any bumping of elbows while brushing your teeth.

Double Sink Bathroom Ideas | His and Hers Bathroom Sinks | His and Hers Sink Ideas | His and Her Vanity Ideas | His and Hers Vanity SinksEmbrace Symmetry

A his or her bathroom is inherently symmetrical, so why not lean into that? Creating a space that’s extremely balanced is easy on the eyes and looks effortlessly clean.

Separate the Bath and Shower

If space allows, try to separate the bath and shower as this means both people can get ready at the same time. If space is tight, consider a double shower head instead.

Save Counter Space with Wall Fixtures

When looking to maximize counter space, consider having fixtures that come out of the wall to better utilize your surface area while also looking incredibly fashionable.

His and Hers Shower | His and Hers Shower Ideas | His and Hers Master Bathroom Ideas | His and Hers Bathroom Ideas | Split Bathroom DesignOpt for Glass Doors

If you can, go for a glass door instead of a shower curtain. It will visually open up the room and give it a more modern look. His and her bathrooms can look small, so this design decision can make the room appear larger.

Bring in the White

By keeping walls, cabinets, tiles, and floors white, you can create a light and airy atmosphere. Feel free to add contrasting touches with the hardware, mirrors, and grout.

Add Unexpected Flair

Though the point of a his and her bathroom is to eliminate  potential for clutter, a great piece of décor can really elevate a space. Use unexpected items like a chair for holding folded towels or a basket of toilet paper. It not only adds a fun design element, but it creates more surface space for you to set necessary items on.

Meet in the Middle

Since this is a space you and your partner will be sharing, be sure to discuss the must-haves that each of you have on your list. You may agree that the shower is most important, but only one requires a lot of storage. Make these distinctions as early as possible so that a design plan can be clearly laid out.

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