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Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

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When planning a kitchen remodel, the ceiling is rarely considered. But this “fifth wall” can introduce a world of creative possibilities.

From bold colors to elegant wallpapers to natural elements, here are kitchen ceiling design ideas to make a statement in the heart of your home:
Kitchen Ceiling Design | Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas | Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Design | Kitchen Design Scandinavian Style

Consider a Scandi-Inspired Space

Scandinavian kitchens are light, bright and airy, and mirror the Nordic love of the outdoors by incorporating natural textures and rustic elements into the space.

If you want to create this style, start with predominantly white units and décor. This lighter color scheme will allow more light to flood in and reflect off the walls. You can introduce color with brightly colored furniture and wall art.

Add a Dramatic Light Fixture

Kitchen walls can serve as the perfect blank canvas for a bold light fixture. And all good kitchen lighting starts overhead. This is ambient lighting that reinforces the natural light that your kitchen already receives. Popular options include pendant, flush or semi-flush fixtures.

Wow With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great option for open kitchens, as it allows you to visually separate the kitchen area from the dining room, which can be a multipurpose space to eat, work or just hang out.

It’s a low-lift addition for those looking for a clever way to add a ton of bold color and pattern to the space.

Kitchen Ceiling Design | Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas | Black Kitchen Ceiling | Kitchen With Black Ceiling Be Bold With a Black

A black kitchen ceiling can be a moody and unexpected choice.

But there are many factors to consider when working with darker shades on the ceiling, such as the size of the room, how much natural light it receives and your color pairings.

If you are not sure you want to make the commitment, start with painting your moldings black to get used to the effect. It also doesn’t have to be a solid black paint, it can be a black pattern wallpaper that adds a fun texture or pattern to a ceiling.

Mirror Your Flooring

Sometimes the inspiration for your ceiling can come from simply looking down at your floor! It doesn’t need to be a perfect match either — any repetition of the colors or stains used on the floor will make an impression.

Expose Post-and-Beam Ceilings

Rough and rugged, wooden beams add depth, character and texture to a kitchen by either contrasting or complementing existing décor. They also help draw the eye upward, making your kitchen look more spacious without occupying extra square footage.

Kitchen Ceiling Design | Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas | Wood Ceiling Paneling | Wood Paneling on CeilingAdd Even More Wood

Wood is timeless, easy to work with and can be added to the kitchen in a number of different ways, from exposed beams to large cabinets to simple cutting boards. It’s also very versatile and can either complement warm colors or contrast with cooler tones.

Let There Be Skylight

Installing a skylight in your kitchen ceiling can bring even more light in! Skylights work especially well over the kitchen sink or a heavily used prep area where more of the action takes place.

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