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Paint Color Trends for 2024

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From brighter shades to pared-back neutrals, you can make your home a sanctuary with these trending paint colors.


A lightened-up terra cotta hue that can bring earthy vibes to any room.

How You Can Use It

This fruity shade pairs well with the more neutral paints as an accent on furniture, like a bathroom vanity or kitchen island.


A classic, earthy green that is full of character and charm.

How You Can Use It

The deep, sage green with an ivy undertones is a popular choice for period dramas on the small screen. It goes great alongside leather chesterfields and antique rugs, but can look just as nice with a crisp white sofa and graphic modern accessories.

Friendly Yellow

A vibrant, yet calming shade.

How You Can Use It

Try it on the walls or ceiling of any room for a joyful glow that won’t overwhelm the space.


A rich charcoal gray with cool undertones.

How You Can Use It

This dark neutral works well with all the other shades and would be natural on trim or other accents. You can also use it in a room with white walls for an unexpected, softened alternative to black paint.

Blue Nova

An alluring mid-tone shade of purple-blue.

How You Can Use It

A rich, grounded blue that works just as well on an accent piece as it does covering a color-drenched room.


This watery blue hue has sparkling and airy qualities, but gray tones keep it calming.

How You Can Use It

An agreeable shade that can freshen up walls, ceilings or cabinetry with ease. It’s a versatile light blue that can revive a stale space.

Cracked Pepper

A deep almost-black charcoal hue.

How You Can Use It

The moody shade can add sophistication to any space. It also pairs with a variety of textures. Try it with plush furniture, or incorporate metallic accents for an industrial aesthetic.


A moody deep olive shade.

How You Can Use It

With bold undertones of black, Ironside is not exactly a neutral, but a color that nonetheless adds a sense of calm to a space. It’s perfect for cozy lounge spaces—think bedrooms, dens, and living rooms.

London Clay

A warm and charming brown, London Clay is full of a magenta pigment for a rich, earthy hue.

How You Can Use It

This color provides great flexibility and will work effortlessly with a multitude of other colors, including pinks, greens, blues and earthy neutrals. Consider using it in a hall or transitional area to make the rooms coming off it feel much lighter and brighter.


A trend-forward mineral and earthy character in a rust and brown-toned red.

How You Can Use It

Deep reds are great for spaces where people gather together, like a dining room or kitchen, due to their high energy.


A blissful blue hue inspired by coastal aesthetics.

How You Can Use It

The shade complements a variety of home design styles and looks great with antiques, modern furniture, transitional pieces and even boho interiors.

Skipping Stones

A calming blue hue with hints of green and gray.

How You Can Use It

The serene shade is versatile like a neutral, which means you can use it to cover all four walls in a bedroom or bathroom, or to add a pop of color to your front door or ceiling.

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