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Walk-In Shower Design Ideas to Elevate Your Bathroom

Small Walk In Shower Tile Ideas | Walk In Shower With Bench Ideas | Walk In Shower With Seat Ideas | Walk In Shower Ideas With Half Wall | Curbless Walk In Shower Ideas

When remodeling your bathroom, it’s worth considering a walk-in shower. This practical and attractive choice allows you to take advantage of every square foot, incorporate functional storage and introduce more dynamic lighting.

There are countless ways to customize a walk-in shower, the trick is finding one that works for your own space! Here’s a roundup of gorgeous design ideas to help you get inspired:

Small Doorless Walk-In Shower

Fixed glass panels are one way to achieve a doorless shower to make a small bathroom more spacious. Mounting a pan-style showerhead on a curved arm helps protect the surrounding surfaces.

Small Doorless Walk In Shower Ideas | Without Doors Doorless Walk In Shower Ideas | Small Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas | Walk In Tile Shower No Door IdeasGlass Walk-In Shower

Full-length glass walls provide an airy look. Plus, with no tub, you can add additional features including dual showerheads, such as the wall-mount, handheld and rain-style for a spa-like flair.

Subway Tiled Walk-In Shower

Large glass-paneled doors can show off floor to ceiling subway tiles quite well. This design choice is timeless too, so you won’t regret it down the road.

Built-In Storage Walk-In Shower

Sometimes walk-in showers don’t include a tub ledge to hold your shampoo or soap. Instead of leaving them on the floor, consider a recessed wall shelf built right into your walk-in shower. It’s an attractive way to store your toiletries.

Walk In Shower With Bench Ideas | Walk In Shower With Seat Ideas | Walk-In Shower Ideas With Bench | Walk-In Shower With Seat IdeasWalk-In Shower w/ Seat

You can still have a place to sit and relax in a walk-in shower! For example, a stunning marble seat can float above the floor to serve as a spa seat, a place to prop your leg for shaving, or a nearby space for shampoo bottles and body wash.

Arched Walk-In Shower

An arched entrance can give a walk-in shower an extra sense of grandeur. In this case, the glass door would swing inward, so it doesn’t interfere with the traffic flow.

Non-Enclosed Walk-In Shower

A half-wall separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom can be a unique twist. The seamless transition also eliminates the raised step into the shower, which may be a tripping hazard.

Frameless Walk-In Shower

A frameless shower door and glass enclosure can help a small walk-in shower from feeling cramped. Designing the shower with simple white subway tile contributes to a sense of spaciousness.

Walk In Shower With Window Ideas | Walk In Shower Lighting Ideas | Walk In Shower Ideas With Half Wall | Stone Walk In Shower IdeasWell-Lit Walk-In Shower

If you’re designing a shower in a bathroom on the top floor of a home, consider adding a skylight to bring in light from above. A small window also works well. If privacy is a concern, position the window higher up on the wall or add frosted glass.

Mixed Tile Walk-In Shower

For a distinctive look, combine different types of tile on shower walls and floors. It’s a good way to add texture and contrast to the bathroom.

Nature-Inspired Walk-In Shower

The secret to a nature-inspired shower is an organic color palette. Earthy tones and soft browns mimic the tranquility of the outdoors. You can opt for textured or rough-hewn stone tiles or wooden panels.

Industrial Walk-In Shower

If you’re looking for something a little less polished, consider an industrial theme. Exposed pipes, dark metal finishes and concrete-looking tiles are perfect for this design. You can achieve an extremely visual juxtaposition by pairing aged steel against sleek tile or stonework.

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