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12 Backsplash Ideas for a Farmhouse Kitchen

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With their cozy and warm aesthetic, farmhouse kitchens are one of the most popular design trends. The definitive features include an apron-front sink, floating shelves, exposed wood beams and butcher block countertops. Overall, the farmhouse style is about balancing the old and new for a simple and rustic charm. And although the backsplash may seem like a small part of the overall design, it can bring your kitchen’s farmhouse style together while adding visual interest.

Here are some backsplash ideas for a farmhouse kitchen:

Farmhouse Kitchen Brick Backsplash | Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Brick Backsplash | Whitewashed Brick Backsplash Kitchen | Country Farmhouse Kitchen Brick Backsplash | Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash IdeasBrick

Brick is one of the most popular materials for farmhouse kitchens. The natural rough surface adds to the charm of the style. It’s also strong and durable. From original red bricks to painted ones, brick comes in an array of colors and finishes to match your taste.

Textured Tile

You can go 3D with your backsplash by using textured tiles that make simple tiles much more intriguing.

Subway Tiles

The bold lines allow the pattern to stand out for a strong characteristic look. You can choose a matte finish and lay them in an offset pattern for a twist on tradition too.


Honeycomb or hexagonal tiles add dimension and introduce a unique shape to the kitchen. If you want the backsplash to blend in, keep everything in the space white or wood.

Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Tile | Farmhouse Kitchen Tile Backsplash | Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas | Pattern Tile Kitchen Backsplash | Backsplash Ideas for Farmhouse KitchenPatterned Tiles

Those who have a smaller surface area to cover may want to explore a bold patterned tile. This will especially make a statement if your cabinets are painted a bolder color.


If you can’t decide on a color or enjoy many splashes of color, you can try an ombre look, with bands of different color intensities. You can make the transition from one color to the next a little more organic to keep it interesting.


This versatile option adds texture and dimension to your space while maintaining a light, airy feel. You can also paint it white or a soft gray for a more modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash | Modern Marble Backsplash Kitchen | Marble Slab Backsplash Kitchen | White Marble Backsplash Kitchen | Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash IdeasNatural Stone

Natural stone offers a luxurious and sophisticated option, with marble and travertine being two popular choices. Both materials lend an earthy elegance to your space, nicely complementing wooden cabinetry and open shelves.


Give your backsplash a vintage twist with tin tiles. These metal accents come in various patterns and finishes, offering a unique look that’s both rustic and chic.

Wooden Planks

For more of a cabin-feel, you can use wooden planks. These will add warmth and look great with other wooden elements including floors, countertops or ceiling beams.


Vinyl wallcovering can be a cost-effective kitchen backsplash for people who are tired of tile! It’s also easy to clean away splashes and stains.

Chalk Paint Backsplash | Chalk Paint Kitchen Backsplash | Painting Backsplash With Chalk Paint | Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash IdeasChalkboard Paint

This innovative option transforms the surface into a writable and erasable chalkboard, making it perfect for a variety of uses, including recipes, shopping lists or just plain doodling.

While these backsplash ideas for a farmhouse kitchen are a good place to start, don’t forget Irish Jones Construction is here to help! We can guide you through your options and help you transform the space into a rustic retreat based on your unique taste, style and budget. To schedule your design consultation, call us at (716) 768-4915.